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I am a very experienced and highly qualified ocean sailor and offer my services to help others achieve their sailing ambitions.

I provide a Yacht Delivery Service delivering sailing yachts, slowly and with care. I can deliver your yacht to the Canaries for the ARC or bring her home from the Caribbean when you finish your cruise there or any other voyage you like.
I can supply crew, plan the voyage and 'just get on with it' or I can work with the owner who is always welcome on board to create a voyage plan to his liking.
I am happy to 'baby sit' your yacht in Antigua, the Caribbean or elsewhere, provision her and prepare her for an ocean crossing.


Acting as Charter Skipper, I can help you extend your cruising range by sharing or taking responsibility for planning and skippering the boat while you enjoy the cruise or we can cruise farther and I can deliver your boat back at the end of the cruise.


*** New ***   If you are having a substantial amount of work done on your boat, especially overseas, possibly in preparation for an ocean crossing, it may well save you money to have an experienced skipper on board who can discuss the requirements with the contractors, obtain alternative quotations where possible, can oversee the actual work and test that the result is functional. I am happy to move onto the boat while the work is done and manage the contract on your behalf.   *** New ***

I am happy to share my knowledge of the sea and sailing and can provide tuition if required at no extra cost. People who have just bought the boat may find that this gives them peace of mind and perhaps makes them safer.


If you need to leave your boat whilst in the Caribbean  it may cost less to have her at anchor in say English Harbour with a skipper on board than stern-on in the marina and she will be safer with a qualified experienced skipper on board.


I have a great deal of experience of most of the North Atlantic islands and in particular of the Azores which are an excellent and safe cruising ground of 9 islands.
Also the Caribbean and the region from the Cape Verde islands and Canaries, through Madeira and Porto Santa to the Azores is excellent for cruising and can usually be sailed on a single tack in both directions.

The Azores are also a very different and worthwhile route to the Canaries from UK or Ireland.

I am a Buddhist and think that I am easy to get along with but then don't we all!

I am available for trans-ocean deliveries and have sailed perhaps 25 long ocean passages as skipper in the last few years. The longest was 29 days in a 30ft yacht.


I am also available to act as your Charter Skipper.


I am available for short, medium or long-term assignments.


Having recently completed a trip from Amsterdam to Hull in late November in arctic conditions, I have decided that I no longer wish to sail in UK waters in winter. It is dangerous for crew with ice-covered decks and too hard on the boat.

Atlantic Sunset


                               Sunset in mid-Atlantic



Sailing Yacht Deliveries with tender loving care, Worldwide, in North Atlantic, Baltic or Mediterranean, UK, Ireland and Europe, to the Canary Islands in time for the ARC, to or from Cork Week, back from the Caribbean or  anywhere else you like. I provide a worldwide Relay service for yachts.
Email: BrendanChandler@Aol.com
Tel: 0770 4824715


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I produced this simple website to further my business of Yacht Delivery a more elaborate design would not bring more deliveries. an>

It also demonstrates my skills in tweaking the Search Engines so that they display my entry high on the index.


Email BrendanChandler to find out how your website can be elevated to the first pages of results from the search engines.

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Crew  Wanted           Crew Vacancies          Crew Wanted



From time to time I need crew for longer distance passages, including trans - ocean passages.


Perhaps this is your opportunity to accumulate miles and Blue Water experience this year.


If you would like to be considered, please email me your sailing C.V. with details of your experience.


I will also need to know your availability and the longest passages you are willing to consider.


Tuition can be arranged for all levels if required and tailored to your needs.



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